Taking Care of Your Cat


Many people believe that cats have nine lives. Well, perhaps that’s true, but one thing is certain — your cat can have a long and healthy life with proper care and attention. Here are some of the most important things to consider when caring for a cat. Read more great facts on Pet Care Lab, click here.

Medical Conditions

Think about medical conditions that may come with a specific cat. If you are considering one cat in particular, inquire about its medical history to see if it needs any long-term care. Would you be able to pay for the cat’s medical needs? Even though the cat is healthy now, consider its breed. Purebred cats from different breeds can have their own genetic issues to deal with. For instance, flat-faced cats such as Manx and Scottish folds frequently develop breathing conditions. Purebred cats are also more likely to develop genetic medical problems than non-pedigreed ones. For more useful reference regarding Amanda, have a peek here.

Reward Good Behavior and Socialize, Socialize

The socialization and training your cat gets while it is still a kitten will influence how well she will interact with people and other animals when she’s older. As a new pet owner, you should be able to guide her and help her understand that the world is a great place. Here are some useful training and socialization techniques:

Kittens will typically use litter boxes instinctively, nonetheless you can help teach her to use it by placing her in the box after meals and play sessions. Make sure the litter box is always accessible to your kitten and cleaned regularly.

Let her experience different walking surfaces such as carpet, linoleum, and many others

Take her outside on a lead or in her carrier because it can be dangerous to take a kitten outside without one. But, before letting her have any outdoor exposure, be certain that your veterinarian has administered the proper vaccines and sufficient time has passed for your kitten to develop immunity.

Pay Attention to Your Cat

Like human children, cats need plenty of affection to remain happy and personable. An empty home will grow a cat that would rather be alone. Hence, if you work the entire day and night, and you don’t have family or other pets, you might better off getting a fish. Or a pet rock. Cats can sense fear and anger like many animals, so try not to raise your voice if they do something wrong. Furthermore, never strike or throw your cat. Physical aggression will make your cat afraid of you, and no one wants to live in the same house as a mortal enemy. Please view this site http://www.wikihow.com/Category:Cats for further details.


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